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Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

Shadowcopy was designed to help you copy files and folders from one location to another on your hard disk. It is a small program that works fast and proves to be useful whenever you need to copy quickly a large number of files and folders. Though, it should be mentioned that this program is unable to move data on your hard disk.

I must admit that Shadowcopy didn’t impress me much.
It has some drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. First off, it doesn't offer an option to pause or cancel the copying process. This means that you will have to wait for the copying process to finish in order to use the program again. Also, while copying files, you will be unable to close the program. Also, Shadowcopy comes with no settings and its graphical user-interface cannot be customized in any way. While testing the program, I noticed that when copying large amounts of data, the program stopped responding for a while.

The only aspect of Shadowcopy that I liked is its ability to copy locked files while overwriting existing ones and also ignoring errors. Also, the developers claim that this application can be used to copy entire partitions.

Shadowcopy can be used by those who are looking for a fast way of copying files and folder to various locations on their hard drive.


  • It is able to copy entire partitions.
  • Copies locked files.
  • You can run it from Command Prompt.


  • No settings available.
  • There is no option for pausing or canceling the copying process.
  • When copying large amounts of data it stops responding for a while.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 1.1 MB

Publisher's description

ShadowCopy is a simple program that copies all files from one place to another. Other than usual file managers, such as Windows Explorer, it copies all files including locked and open files. This is made possible by using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Services (VSS).

You can easily copy the content of an entire hard disk to another disk. If you copy, for example, C:\ to D:\, you will even be able to boot from that drive. Since ShadowCopy is capable of transferring all the system files you will have an almost exact clone.
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